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Psychology and Magic Tricks

Written by Peter L. Bass

Amuse your audience with a little help from psychology! In magic tricks, psychology has an important role, as all of the magicians have mastered the art of illusion.

Magicians divert the attention of the audience, even the most careful and observant audience can be tricked by an expert magician or illusionist. Psychologists have proven this when they conducted a research with Penn and Teller.

We ask how does magic works, well; it works with how the brain continuously fills the gaps through the present stimuli in the surroundings. When you are forced to look away from the object, a distracting person or event can fill those gaps, by the time you glance back, the magician has made an illusion.

The sleights of the hand or card tricks can be difficult for some, the seconds to distract the audience needs effects to guarantee that the magic trick will work. There are magic tricks that are simple to perform but can leave the audience shocked.

Read through our instructional guides of some awesome magic tricks. Employ them to amaze your family, friends and acquaintances.

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