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Magic Books: Top Reads and Reviews

Written by Peter L. Bass

When you visit the library or a local bookstore, there is a bigger chance of finding a wide bookshelf full of books on the art of illusion and magic. There are books that will provide magic tricks and education for those beginners who are eager to learn the fundamentals of magic. If you’re an experienced magician looking to publish and print your book, check out Easy Street Print at as they are a top publisher and printer of some good magic books.

If you wish to learn magic and illusion, here are the books that you can begin with.

Tarbell Course in Magic by Harlan Tarbell

This book set is a reputable reference for those amateur and professional magicians. The eight volumes include the history of magic, stage illusions, mentalism, close-up magic, ethics of magic, timing, showmanship and the like.

Modern Coin Magic was written by J.B Bobo

This book has the complete guide on sleight of hand coin tricks, the author collected and wrote his useful coin tricks. The traditional and innovated coin tricks are discussed in this book. Techniques in sleight-of-hand vanishes, and concealments are integrated into this book.

Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic written by Mark Anthony Wilson

The author is one of the magicians who practice classic magic, with his book, he introduced the revised guide that provides learnings to be able to perform magic perfectly. With more than 2,000 illustrations of the techniques, it also provides step-by-step instructions, from the basic to the most complex techniques.

Magic: The Complete Course written by Joshua Jay

Magic can be performed and learned everywhere, however, to learn how to perfectly perform it is never simple and easy. This book has integrated photographs, expertise, and step-by-step instructions of the 100 tricks it provides.

Self-working Card Tricks written by Karl Fulves

If you are a beginner in magic tricks, this book is for you. It provides tricks that do not depend on the special abilities of a magician. Although, the tricks provided requires a lot of patience through long practices and through mastering the dexterity. More so, the author of the book, Karl Fulves is a recognized author that is known to be an expert in the field of magic.

The Royal Road to Card Magic written by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue

This book can help you amaze your acquaintances, friends, and family during gatherings. The author of the book made sure that the card handling techniques are easy to follow and could be performed perfectly. This allows beginners to develop a professional skill level.

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks written by Jean Hugard

This encyclopedia is a massive collection of guides on how to perform card tricks that are being used by the most well-known magicians. It can be a guide for both amateur and professional magicians.

Practical Mental Magic was written by Theodore Anneman

The author is an expert in this field, with this book he shares impressive mind reading tricks through thought transmission, miracle state routines, psychic effect, and prophecy. Magicians in every expertise level can seek beneficial help with the intimate knowledge this book provides. It does not require any magic tools or equipment, the eagerness to perform is what’s needed.

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