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Beginner Level Tips: How to Cast Magic Spells

Written by Peter L. Bass

A few centuries ago, magic and illusion is a popular culture. It is an old performing art that can leave the audience in awe. It can make you experience the impossible.

As we can see in the televisions, magic tricks are cast without hassle and hustle. However, we should not be enticed since it is in the entertainment industry, and you are in the real world. Here are some of the tips for those who are new in the world of magic. Follow these tips to avoid committing crucial mistakes.

You have to hold on to the fact that to cast magic tricks is not impossible, but it is also not easy and simple. Casting magic tricks is a work of art. The practice of working with magic affects the emotional and physical needs of the magician. The preparation is intense as it needs to be done with their own will, with their own words, and with an equipment or tools. To evaluate the magic spell if it is successful or not, the magic should not harm anyone.

To get started…

Before attempting on doing any magic, you should be in the right and healthy mind and body. Take a bath, use appropriate clothes, meditate, and ensure that you have already mastered the tricks. This should be done, to relax your body, mind and to avoid mistakes.

You have to be confident. When it comes to magic performances, people will easily believe on those who are confident on what they are doing. They have the charisma and the patter.

Learn the basic knowledge, tricks, and skills of magic. There are helpful books and resources wherein you can get an idea of what are the first few tricks an amateur magician should learn.

Involve the audience with classic misdirection. As you give your attention to your audience, they will worry about what they are going to do or say next. Thus, they cannot notice what you are going to do next.

Make use of some tools or equipment. It catches the attention of the object, thus it can misdirect their attention to the props than on what you are doing.

Do not restrict your movements! Be confident as you can be. You will become completely involved with your performance that it can shock the audience.

Moreover, do not be afraid to use some effects as the audience are here to be overwhelmed.

With the piece of advice given, you come to realize that magic tricks deceive our perception. Our vision is being tricked into distorting the real situation. Prediction is one of the illusions often used by the magicians. It is when the neuronal processes thought that it has captured the imagination of the real object. When in fact, it has only perceived the object because the person perceived that it will happen in the future.

Master the art of using attentional limitations through misdirecting the attention of the audience. The audience won’t be able to observe the obvious change.

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